FruitsBox UAENovember 06, 2020

This is our delicious pork-less, plant based version of a hot water crust pastry pie that will turn the heads of even the biggest veg-dodgers. Traditionally served with pickles & chutneys but also a super addition to any picky feast complete with a bowl of roast potatoes and a crunchy winter slaw!

Ingredients for the hot water pastry

This makes enough pastry & filling for 1 large pie, of course your can split this to make smaller ones. 

190g Plain Flour 

65g Plant-based Butter (we used Naturli vegan block) 

75ml Water

Ingredients for the filling:

150g meatless meat- we use Meatless Farm mince / You can also use veggies sausages mashed up. 

1 small onion finely minced 

1 garlic clove finely minced

1 carrots finely chopped 

1/2 leek finely chopped

3 sage leaves finely sliced (or 1tsp of dried)

2 sprigs of thyme (or 1tsp of dried) 

1 tbsp olive oil or plant-based butter

Salt & pepper to season 


To make the filling:

1. Pop a shallow pan on a medium heat. 

2. Add the onions and garlic allowing them to gently soften and cook. 

3. Add the herbs, carrots & leeks, season with salt & pepper.

4. Give this a good stir and allow to cook for 5-10 mins.

5. Set this mixture aside and allow to cool slightly. 

6. In a mixing bowl add your meatless meat or mashed veggie sausages along with your cooked veggies. Either with your clean hands or a fork give this a good mix together… your filling is now ready!


Pastry Time! 

Preheat your oven at 180 and set aside a lined baking sheet.

1. Put the water and butter into a saucepan and place over a medium heat. Keep an eye on it and stir regularly until the butter has melted and the mixture just comes to the boil. As soon as it comes to the boil, take the pan off the heat. 

2. In a large mixing bowl, tip in the flour and create a small well in the middle with a spoon. 

3. Slowly add the water and butter liquid into the flour well and with fork stir in from the middle bringing in the flour bit by bit. Bring all the mixture together until it makes a warm soft pastry dough.

4. Remove the dough onto a floured surface and work gently until it's all smooth. 

5. Cut one 3rd of the dough and pop to one side (this is your pie lid) 

6. You need to work quite quickly with this pastry whilst is warm. 

7. Either using a pastry dolly or jar as your mould, start to shape the pastry dough evenly around and down the sides until you have the pie shape and size you like (3-4mm thick) . 

8. Gently remove the pastry from  your mould and place it on a lined baking sheet. It will need and bit of extra moulding to keep in place. 

9. Fill your pie casing with your filling pressing it down as you go. 

10. Roll out your pastry your put aside for the lid checking its size. 

11. Before laying it on top, gently fold out the top edges of the main pie pastry (this will make it easier to attach the lid) 

14. Lay the pastry lid on top of the pie. To join together firmly pinch around the top to seal and crimp using your finger and thumbs. This creates an a lovely fluted finish. 

15. Brush all over with some plant-based milk and make a small cross cut with a knife in the centre of your pie. 

16. Pop into your oven for 1hr or until golden brown (check after 45mins) and cooked through. 

17. Let your pies cool... your patience will be rewarded... cut into peices and serve!


 We're just saying the word... piccalilli... and Boxing day... need we say more?