Our Team


Born for people with major love of veg and passion for eating well, I created FruitsBox to inspire people to reconnect with best seasonal produce & eat more of the good stuff...

Let’s get real food back into our homes that’s bursting with freshness and flavour, helping us to feel healthier from the inside out!

At a time when lifestyle and health have never been more confusing; from fad diets, food allergies to auto-immune illnesses, the latest body miracle book, endless food-selfies and alarming obesity and type 2 diabetes headlines; the FruitsBox philosophy might seem rather simplistic…

Just Eat More Of The Good Stuff!

Everybody understands that eating more fruit & veg is going to be better for them and their families. We’re here to help you create amazing whole-food, plant-based meals that make veg the main event!

Supported by our super-passionate foodie team, we’re all about getting people back in the kitchen with simple prep and cooking skills to create quick and tasty recipes.

Let’s Love It, Eat It, Live It!